For more than a century, SMS has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of high precision metal removal machine tools and systems serving both domestic and international markets.

SMS corporate headquarters are located in Saginaw, Michigan in a 100,000 sq. ft facility that includes design, application, and process engineering departments; prototype, testing, and metallographic laboratory capabilities.

Single machine and multi-process manufacturing systems are integrated and assembled in a dedicated 60,000 sq. ft assembly area.  State-of-the-art on-line terminals, integrated computer database, and assembly computer control systems are located throughout for task status, and update transactions to assure on-time delivery.

SMS has more than 158 years of history.

1854    Wickes begins in Saginaw, MI, builds lumber mill machines

1927    Saginaw Machine and Tool begins, builds turning machines

1935    Wickes begins to build crankshaft turning machines

1963    Wickes acquires Kux Machine, builds die cast machines

1968    Wickes acquires Saginaw Machine and Tool

1979    Wickes acquires Drillmation, builds deep-hole drilling machines

1981    Wickes Machine Tool Group formed

1983    Saginaw Machine Systems, Inc. begins and acquires Wickes Machine Tool Group

1991    SMS acquires New Britain vertical turning product line

1992    SMS acquires Advanced Technologies, Inc. product lines of welding and leak testing

In 2007, SMS became part of Fair Friend Group’s (FFG) global machine tool conglomerate.  FFG is currently the 3rd largest machine tool group in the world with 32 machine tool brands covering full spectrum of machine tool types and 51 manufacturing bases worldwide. 

FFG (Fair Friend Group) Corporate Video                       FFG Global Machine Tool Conglomerate

Since becoming a member of of FFG, SMS is able to utilize FFG’s corporate resources to expand globally and to achieve supply chain optimization. 

Whether you are in need of one machine or many, SMS can fulfill your requirements by linking responsibility, capability, and complete integrated system accountability.

When it comes to meeting the challenges of the aerospace, automotive, truck, off-highway, farm, appliance, HVAC, and other industries, SMS offers a spectrum of solutions and support.

If your company requires a partner who can provide comprehensive processing capabilities … turn to SMS.

  ► Prototype tooling development

  ► Process parameter development

  ► Pre-production parts runs                  

  ► Inspection / Testing

  ► Clean room                                        

  ► Temperature control environment

  ► Tool life estimation                             

  ► Sub-assembly

If your company needs a partner who can provide single source service responsibility … turn to SMS.

SMS is your Superior Machining Solutions !!

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