Application Examples

High production volume, tight machining tolerance, high CpK requirement…… TURN TO SMS !!

Saginaw Machine Systems had abundant experiences in processing and providing machining solutions to industries.  Typical applications for vertical turning lathes are:  

 Balanced Shaft  Blower Rotor  Brake Caliper  Brake Drum
 Brake Rotor  Cam Shaft  Carrier  Clutch Housing
 Clutch Plate  Compressor Housing  Clutch Plate  Compressor Body
 Crank Shaft  CV Joint  Cylinder Liner  Differential Case
 Fixed Scroll  Output Shaft  Piston  Pulley
 Pump Body  Pump Cover  Ring Gear  Sprocket Support
 Steering Knuckle  Stem Pinion  Torque Converter  Wheel Hub


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