Quality Built Vertical Lathes

The heart of SMS Vertical Lathe is the rigidly-designed and precision-built spindle. SMS has designed and built spindles for over 60 years. The Challenger Inverted Vertical Lathe spindle is motorized and mounted in a very strong cast iron housing with a coolant jacket to maintain a constant operating temperature.  The head is air purged and the head bearings are high thrust angular contact ball bearings, arranged back to back, the tail bearing is cylindrical roller type. This spindle design, coupled with a high resolution encoder, can radially control position to a very impressive accuracy. The spindle for Saginaw Machines’ Crusader and Accu-Cell Conventional Vertical Lathes is designed with our unique triple labyrinth and requires no air purge. Any coolant or moisture that may collect at the first labyrinth wall will drain from the spindle cap into the machine bed. This proven spindle design incorporates a cylindrical roller bearing and a double direction angular contact high thrust ball bearing as the head bearing set, and the tail carries a cylindrical roller bearing. With more than 165+ years of design and manufacturing excellence, you can rely on Saginaw Machine’s in-depth expertise and experience to meet your most stringent machining requirement.